How it Works

How it Works. are proud to offer you a safe video downloading tool for free.

Every minute, many hours of video are being uploaded to video sharing platforms. Billions of videos are being watched on a day to day by all ages from toddlers to 80 years or more.

Despite this massive usage, video downloading websites are quite limited when it involves downloading the videos on social media websites and apps including Facebook, Instagram and tiktok.

Reason? They only want users to observe the videos on the web site and not download it. Their idea is to urge people to download again and again. This increases ad views/clicks (their main income stream off course) and builds up engagement.

Majority often want to download their favourite videos. Google recognizes this and only provides a rather rudimentary solution to the matter.

But wait, wouldn’t you rather have a system that allows you to download ANY videos you would like with none limitations or restrictions and without massive ads pop up?

Well, now you can download!

With  Video Downloader tool, downloading videos of choice from different websites couldn’t be any better or easier, try now to convert any video to mp3 audio too.


Video Downloader [by Get Any Video Download Online ] is a free web tool that permits you to download and convert online videos in order that you'll watch them whenever you would like , even without an online connection (coming soon)

This tool is made to be easy to use and fast performing. Video Downloader is additionally designed to save lots of you tons of bandwidth while downloading your favourite videos.

Coupled with that, our tool supports lightning-fast multiteam downloading and allows you to save lots of several videos in their original quality in only a couple of seconds.

Is it legal to download videos form social media or YouTube? 

One concern that always pops up when it involves the subject of downloading videos from Facebook or Instagram or the other social media platform is whether or not or not it's legal to download the videos.

There are two sides of it:

In handling copyright issues, as long as you’re downloading a video for your own personal offline use, then you’re probably not doing anything illegal. However, we expect there should be an exception for commercial uses.

IMPORTANT: We don't support downloading copyrighted videos of people to use with commercial intent which isn't what this tool is made for.

But in handling Google’s terms, you’d be straying from Google’s original demand if you download videos to observe online.

Here’s why:

Watching downloaded videos offline takes money out of Google’s pocket. It could also take money off the wallets of the video creators (with an exception for non-monetized videos).

Video sharing websites run differing types of ads, including pre-roll and interruptive ads. That’s the way they create money and for a few contributors, that’s how they create money, too.

Google’s idea is to serve you with free, super-quality videos while you successively view or click on ads. If you download the videos to observe offline, you're not keeping your own end of the discount.

But you've got your reasons, right?

In some circles, it's more helpful to download a video than return to an equivalent site repeatedly.

For instance, you'll download Facebook videos for e-learning purposes. Nowadays, many colleges and universities encourage eLearning and video sharing websites may be a very crucial element thereon front. you'll use a video downloader tool like ours to download e-learning videos and re-watch them as repeatedly as you wish , without wasting your data over and once again .

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Thanks for reading and understanding about video downloading facts tools. 

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Download Videos from Multiple Sources

Video Downloader Script offers you to download videos in multiple formats including MP4, M4A, 3GP, WEBM, MP3, JPG from multiple sources


Supported Websites

Break Soundcloud Imdb Tumblr Imgur Facebook Flickr Twitter Espn Izlesene Odnoklassniki Liveleak Mashable Buzzfeed Bandcamp Instagram Dailymotion Vimeo Youtube Tiktok


Download Audios

Downloading audio instead of video is also possible with many sites.